Product Information
Why choose VERSA HOIST?
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a popular means of off-road transportation for hunters, farmers, ranchers, and rural residents, and are often used to transport people and equipment far from available roads. One drawback to an ATV is the limited amount of carrying capacity. VERSA HOIST addresses this issue by facilitating the transport of larger, heavier items, while taking up only a small area of space. As an added benefit, VERSA HOIST can be adapted to also add carrying capacity to ordinary vehicles.
How does VERSA HOIST work?
VERSA HOIST is a carrying rack that can be mounted to the front or back of any ATV or vehicle. In its horizontal position, VERSA HOIST can be lowered to ground level by a crank mechanism, which eliminates the strain of lifting heavy objects to the original height of the rack. After VERSA HOIST has been loaded, use the crank mechanism to return it to its original height. When VERSA HOIST is empty, it can be placed in a vertical position to decrease the amount of space it takes up, making all the more efficient.
How will you use VERSA HOIST?
The most common uses for the VERSA HOIST are:
Big Game Hoist & Haul
Canine Box Carrier
VERSA HOIST has multiple other uses while hunting, on the farm, at the home, or while camping.
Hunting: carrying duck decoys, hunting supplies, guns
Farm: hauling hay, posts, wire, buckets, salt blocks, wood
Home: gardening tool carrier, flower flats, mulching
Camping: carrying coolers, tents, fire wood
Product Specifications
VERSA HOIST can be adapted to fit any of the following:
  • Vehicles with 2" receiver hitch
  • Vehicles with 1 1/4" receiver hitch
  • Four wheeler with 1 1/4" receiver hitch
  • Four wheeler with front or rear rack
  • ATV utility vehicle without receiver hitch
  • ATV utility vehicle with receiver hitch
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